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Trial hosting for 9YJ

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Trial hosting for 9YJ Empty Trial hosting for 9YJ

Post by the real 9YJ on 01/12/12, 10:13 pm

When did i join the Eu Flower?(around October,15,2012)
What have i done for this FC? I have done a few hours of free advertising for the FC i also have gambled alot in this FC. Also i had a Drop party recently(not worth much) but i am working on having a few more so i can make this FC #1 in Runescape. My goal is for everyone to talk about Eu Flower.
Why should you accept me as a Trial Rank? Well one things for sure Eu flower needs a few more host and i have been on at times when Eu Flower has no host on at all,Also i don't think Eu Flower has many host in the (Est)zone and with at least one host at all times it will help keep people in the Fc active.

the real 9YJ

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