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Lady CrabbyFanny

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Lady CrabbyFanny Empty Lady CrabbyFanny

Post by Lady CrabbyFanny on 01/12/12, 07:50 pm

Joined EU Flower around 2 months ago (around October 1st 2012)
How have I been helpful in fc? As well as spending 2 months in the fc, defending hosts when they've been accused of scamming and giving hosts more then enough business... I spend as much time as possible standing around alching watching the bets, this may not seem sufficient 'help' but it gives that extra purple dot to add popularity. I've attended drop parties, made friends with many hosts and even tried to arrange unusual bets such as 50 whip pots to try and gain popularity for the fc.
If at first you wish me to prove myself before having a host rank, let me have a rank and arrange different events, unusual bets and to try set eu apart from other fc who have spam fights over false drop parties.
I'm sure if you ask in the fc at anytime people would reccomend me... I have great ideas and would be a valuble assett to the fc.

Lady CrabbyFanny

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Lady CrabbyFanny Empty Re: Lady CrabbyFanny

Post by the real 9YJ on 01/12/12, 09:52 pm

cool would like to see u host Smile
but whats ur RSN?

the real 9YJ

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