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Warsteel HERE!

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Warsteel HERE! Empty Warsteel HERE!

Post by Warsteel on 25/11/12, 03:59 am

Hey all!
Im the new recruit here @ Eu Flower!
I LOVE legit hosting, it's fun either way if your up or down.
I will slowly upgrade my rank as i make more money.
MY Youtube channel: - Just search 'warsteelonrs' on google.

~Warsteel Very Happy
Cya guys in-game soon!!!


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Warsteel HERE! Empty Re: Warsteel HERE!

Post by kitty rubber on 28/11/12, 05:52 am

hey bro. whats ur ingame name? or is it warsteel? ;p if so i never seen you and i hope to host with you soon man! ;D

kitty rubber
EU Flower Host
EU Flower Host

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