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Mr Flower - introduction

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Mr Flower - introduction

Post by Mr Flower on 21/10/12, 01:53 pm


I am almost a 10 year veteran of runescape and have been hosting flower games for years.

I noticed eu flower today and found it very funny that you guys have practically taken over 127b, a clan whom I've hated for a long time.

I enjoy hosting and may even buy a rank if the price is right :p

Hope to get to know you guys,

Mr Flower. albino

Mr Flower
EU Flower Host
EU Flower Host

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Re: Mr Flower - introduction

Post by kitty rubber on 25/10/12, 03:03 pm

hey man,
kinda bad of me that i just readed this but better late then never Wink.
hope you will enjoy your stay and will enjoy your rank once you get it Wink

kitty rubber
EU Flower Host
EU Flower Host

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